Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just finished my workshop notes for the Iampeth conference in Phoenix. This year Iampeth is offering something new with a review class for beginners in Script and Flourishing. I am honoured to be co-teaching with my friend Bill Kemp. This morning I did a little flourish for the review handouts. This is on white Pergamenata paper with my favourite McCaffery's brown ink and watercolour.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Finding F

Still not entirely satisfied with any of these attempts. The shape of F seemed to disappear in each one but I had fun playing with colour in each of these. The Leaf Script letter features Daniel Smith Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Winsor Newton Opera Rose with Holbein Leaf Green. It turned out pretty bright! Each design is on Pergamenata paper with raised gilding. The floral F has flat as well as raised gilding.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

E is for Embroidery

Most of my artistic background is in Victorian needlework. I still have a few of my embroidery books in the studio although I rarely pick up needle and thread these days. The first design was influenced a needlework initial. I had fun adapting it to gold leaf, magenta swarovski crystals, watercolour and pastel. It is 4" x2" on Pergamenata paper which is rapidly becoming one of my favourite papers to work with.

The second initial is also on Pergamenata paper with McCaffery Brown ink, gold leaf, watercolour and my new favourite Diane Townsend Terrages pastels. I added some hot foil accents to this piece which is 2"x5".