Thursday, May 5, 2011

I is for Incandescence

I guess I should be used to my indecision (another good i-word). All I knew for sure when I was designing these initials was that I wanted meandering foliage in the design. It was difficult to design a ribbon script letter because it resembled a J. I finally opted for a block type letter but feel that they look a little like a Victorian candlestick. The lavendar initial is gilded with 23K lemon gold leaf. The finished size is 4"x2" on Arches HP paper. I wanted the vinework to take a slightly different shape than my other initial designs.

This second design was actually my first attempt at the letter I. I had just been looking through Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta which influenced my decision to incorporate a little snail into the design. It is flat gilded with 23 K gold. The initial is painted with Windor Newton Rose Dore and the flowers are painted with Holbein Horizon blue. Finished size is 5" x1 1/2" on Arches HP paper.