Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Leaf Green L

Nearly half way through this illuminated letter project and the letterforms are starting to flow a little more freely.I wanted the L to be a Lombardic letter but didn't like any of my sketches so I went back to my ribbon script letters.I wanted the foliate extension to look a little older than the Victorian era. I have been looking at a lot of Persian illuminated manuscripts online and I think that influenced my colour choices,the use of Permanent White and the extra touches of gold. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mixed with Permanent White and Winsor Blue were used for the larger flowers.The smaller flowers are Permanent White, Opera Rose, Carmine and Alizarin Crimson The leaves and letters are painted with Holbein Leaf Green, Permanent White and Sap Green. Finished size is 4"x 1 1/4" on Arches HP.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bejewelled Heart

Taking a time out from working on notes for an upcoming workshop to flourish a summer heart design. The background is done with a pastel burnish technique and the florals are painted with Winsor Newton Opera Rose, Carmine, Terre Verte and Holbein Lilac. After adding the accent strokes and gel pen, I decided to adhere some swarovski crystals in a Medium Sapphire colour. Finished size is 4"x4" on Fabriano Tiepolo paper.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

K.....Kouldn't think of a Katchy Kaption

I worked on the letter K by grabbing the closest piece of watercolour paper. It turned out to be Saunders 140 lb hot press paper. The white is slightly warmer than the Arches HP but the texture of the paper is quite soft with almost a suede feel to it. It took the Rolco gilding size wonderfully . This letter is gilded with 23K loose leaf lemon gold so it has a little extra shine to it. The K and ribbon are painted with Winsor Newton Purple Lake using a moist brush technique. I found that the paper fought against the Purple Lake with this moist brush technique but the wet brush caused some feathering. I wrestled with that portion of the design but the flowers, leaves and pastel burnish were not a problem. The flowers are painted with WN Opera Rose and Carmine and the leaves are Holbein Leaf green with some Winsor Newton Terre Verte shading. Pastel background is done with Diane Townsend Terrages Pastels, my new favourite tool in the studio. It really helps that Canada's only Pastel Studio is only a 12 minute drive from home.The finished size of this piece is 5" x 1 1/2"