Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Philadelphia Visit

It was my pleasure to bring the Enchanted Letter Workshop to a wonderful group of calligraphers in Philadelphia. I designed the Enchanted Letter class for the Birmingham Pointed Pen Extended Study Group and this was the first time I taught the class to a group of calligraphers who did not take previous classes in flourishing with me. Their work was outstanding and I was so happy to be able to visit Philadelphia. I had been corresponding with my fellow pointed pen enthusiast Nick D'Aquanno for over 9 years but had never had the opportunity to visit him! While in Philadelphia, we got the chance to meet and I visited his beautiful pen room. I was thrilled to view his collection of scrapbooks, signature writing and incredible F. B. Courtney Flourishes! I wanted to send him a thank you for the visit and worked on this flourish this morning. Once again, John Neal's new diploma parchement provided the surface. I used McCaffery brown ink, pastel, graphitint pencils and gilded the flourish with 23 K gold leaf.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Original miniature desgin in the style of 15th Century German Manuscript illumination. Watercolor and Gouache on 2"x3" Fabriano artistico paper. 23 K flat gilding. It turned out a bit Christmasey looking in my use of traditional illumination colours but best wishes dear friends for a Happy Easter.