Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time for Transitions

I have been spending a lot of time reorganizng my home and my studio. I have cleared out over all kind of unused art supplies, papers and books that haven't been utilized in years. I am learning to give myself broader margins in my work and in my life. Just finished reading a book that talked a lot about the "white space" that is needed in our lives. It has affected my work. I opened up a larger work space in my studio by clearing out the "stuff" than enclosed my space. I gave myself much more space to work on this piece. The paper is 12" x 14" Fabriano Artistico. Rather than flat gilding with Rolco, I used Instacoll to raise all the gold. Rather than my default ink of McCaffery Brown, I used the bolder Old World Iron Gall Ink. I brighted up my palette with some turquoise. No doubt influenced by my time in New Mexico. The script is bolder than my usual Spencerian. I used a Spanish influenced style of Roundhand fashioned after the hand of Ramon Stirling. This really is a transitional time for me as I take over as Iampeth president. I spend a lot of time working toward next year's conference but I am approaching the job with determination to leave white space in my life for personal work, study and those online lessons which are still in progress! The white space lesson is a great stress reliever. The quote I used in this piece reflects the time I have spent in nature this summer. The season flies by so quickly in Canada. I try to observe the changes in the garden every day.

Friday, July 5, 2013

E is for Everything in Order!!!!

My last official piece of work that needs to be shipped before traveling to Iampeth. Starting July 14th, I take over the role of President of Iampeth and Everything in Order will be my motto for the year! Looking foward to the challenge! This piece represents the first time I have succesfully gilded with Instacoll. My theory has been that gold will stick to anything except instacoll. I have no idea why it was successful this time. But I am grateful. This pen drawn initial is 2 1/4" high on Fabriano Artistico paper. On its way to my dear friend Elaine who sent me a surprise gift this week.