Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fleeting Moments

" We have only this moment...." I am trying to remain conscious of each precious moment while being fully absorbed in this busy season. So thankful for the pen and ink. No matter how hectic things get, I am taking time to clear my writing desk each night and put some playful strokes on paper.
Grateful that the disciplined study of Italian Hand seems to have affected my Roundhand. Finding freedom and pleasure in both. This dashed off example was done with my trusty straight holder, an Esterbrook 356 and Walnut Ink on Maruman paper. Most of my ornamental pen work is now done with a straight holder, while I continue to use my oblique for Spencerian Script. As I catch up on pen orders and a myriad of deadlines, I will be scarce on facebook although always available by phone or email if you need me. I will try to keep my blog updated.