Friday, October 31, 2014

Final Road Trip of the Season

Taking one more trip to beautiful British Columbia to teach my last travel workshop of the season.
Still have a local class to complete when I return but I will be able to rest from my travels and complete projects that have been put on hold. I enjoy completing flourish pieces for my workshops and had a chance to prepare a few for the Alphabeas Guild!!!!
English Roundhand and flourishes go so well together. Some of the flourishing has been influenced by European styles. The lines are a bit softer to work with. The designs are still freely flourished in true offhand style.
All work was executed with a straight holder and Bleedproof white. October has been a beautiful month! Looking foward to November.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

D is for Debbie

Every autumn my family and I make time to visit The Studio Tour of my illumination teacher Debbie Thompson Wilson. Her work sells out quickly. It is such a treat to see what she has created from year to year. My family and I have added to our collection of Thompson originals over the years and they are treasured heirlooms in our homes. This year, I was away teaching and could not get to the studio tour but was delighted to learn that Debbie's illuminations have been published in an ebook, New Psalms for Old Sorrows, which is now available for purchase. You can find it here. I have it safely downloaded to my iPad and can enjoy the writing and illuminations at my leisure. In a few weeks, I will have my study day with Debbie and continue to learn illumination techniques. I am constantly grateful for the skills she has helped me develop over the years and her generosity in sharing her techniques. She is a delight!! I think you will enjoy her illuminations as well. I am in the midst of experimenting with different gilding mediums on vellum and paper.
I will keep you updated with what happens! Currently, my favourite gilding medium is Miniatum Ink. I can write with it and achieve a beautiful mirror shine! The Enchanted Letter D pictured above is gilded with Palladium and Miniatum ink.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Reflections

I love these autumn days. Every day I go through one of my Commonplace books to find an inspirational autumn quote to work on. I currently have 1 book filled from cover to cover and 4 that still have room for notes. I find this season so inspiring with the colours and the ever changing weather.
This has been an incredibly busy year for me. I am finishing up my teaching commitments with back to back Artful Flourish workshops in Nasville, followed by a trip to Kelowna to teach the Enchanted Letter. In between teaching venues, I will be finishing up Roundhand classes locally and trying to catch up on personal goals in my studio. Even though these days are hectic, I am so thankful for the sights and sounds around me. Nothing like the view of the sun shining through the vibrant Canadian maples. Each walk to the post office has me stopping to bring leaves home for my table! This evening, I was so thankful to be able to letter the name tags for The Artful Flourish participants in Nashville. Many are dear friends and it is a pleasure to see them again and to spend a few days with them.
Looking foward to seeing what autumn looks like in Nashville next week.