Monday, November 24, 2014

B is for busy!!!!!!

November has been a whirlwind. I wanted to update the blog with a miscellany of work I have been up to. I have interesting commissions to work on. I have had to sign non disclosure and confidentiality agreements with some companies so I can't let you in on something exciting in the works! But I did get a chance to work on a holiday card with a design firm. That was a lot of fun. I am posting just a clip of the corner of the design until the final is released.
Enchanted Letters have been keeping me busy as well!!! Just completed this B design. The images below are from sketch form to the final product.
This past weekend I completed my 2014 teaching engagements!!!! This wraps up a very busy year for me. I celebrated with a day of Medieval Miniature painting at the Ancaster Old Town Hall with Debbie Thompson Wilson. Debbie is a master at finding unique images for us to study and bring to life. This miniature is based on a 13th Century Austrian Manuscript. Meet "The Merry Makers". This is a work in progress but I wanted to share a peek.
Finally...a shot of a painted pen I just completed. The collaborative work with Chris' pens are so much fun. We are catching up on orders this weekend.
Although B is for is also for Breathe! While the festive season comes upon us, I will be taking some time to breathe! The pen will always be in hand as I practice and continue to learn!